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Feb 07 , 2021

The annual gathering of the three companies is different from the participation of all employees in the previous two years due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. This year is only a gathering of middle-level and above cadre representatives, commended advanced individuals and collectives, and corporate culture propaganda members. Colleagues watch online, share joy and look forward to the future.

2020 is an extremely extraordinary year. The new crown epidemic and floods have superimposed, and Sino-US relations have deteriorated, bringing great harm and challenges to our production, life and all walks of life.

Thinking determines the way out, there is no way out of heaven. In the face of severe difficulties, we were not frightened, and we chose to face the difficulties and move forward with the harder.

This year, there were turbulent waves, hard work, more success and joy, everyone felt the same, everyone was very remarkable.

More than 700 cadres and employees of our three companies have worked together and made breakthroughs in innovation, all of which have achieved impressive performance. Some indicators of each company have achieved record highs and achieved bucking trends.

Anhui Wonderful-wall Color Coating Aluminium: It has reversed the loss situation for ten consecutive years and realized a new historical leap in turning losses into profits and getting rid of poverty. The loss was reduced by 16.03 million yuan and the profit was 2.16 million yuan.

Anhui Jinggong: The net profit of management increased by 54% to 18.33 million. The manufacturing cost is the lowest in the industry and has become the industry leader.

Anhui Changjiang Fasteners: successfully developed high-strength bolts with high weather resistance and delayed fracture resistance, and won a major provincial science and technology project. Overcoming the difficulties of obsolete equipment, maintaining stable performance, and achieving the "Three Ones" business objectives.

Achieving such impressive results is inseparable from the selfless dedication and exemplary leadership of the heroes of the elected advanced individuals and advanced collectives.

I propose to congratulate the advanced individuals and collectives with warm applause, and also to applaud and cheer for what I cannot afford.

Look at it for five years, think for three years, and work hard for a year.

In 2021, our goal of struggle will be even more "higher". We have determined the operation policy for 2021: "Operation first: Resource support operation, management support operation, risk control control operation". Each company has also chosen a different competitive strategy.

Anhui Wonderful-wall Color Coating Aluminium: Choose a cost-leading strategy and implement a doubling plan to achieve "from poor to rich".

Anhui Jinggong: Continuously refine and sublimate the "Four Goods" and take the road of "differentiation" strategy to achieve "from rich to strong".

Anhui Changjiang Fasteners: Take the road of "specialization" strategy and become the "head wolf" of market segments. Establish and improve the quality assurance system for new products, innovate cooperation models, find partners, and apply new products in batches to the "Sichuan-Tibet Line" and other bridges. At the same time, we must do a good job in technological transformation, effectively increase production capacity, and steadily improve various operating indicators.

Goals are inspiring. How to achieve the goals of "high, big, and superior" and turn them into "good, rich and beautiful" results is a serious challenge before us. Here, I would like to put forward three points for your reference and implementation. It is also a message for everyone in the New Year:

1. To build corporate culture well and implement well in publicity.

Today, the corporate culture speakers from the three companies preached very well. Fortunately, they are real people and real things happening around us. Fortunately, they can move, inspire, encourage, and exercise people. Be able to follow an example and be inspiring.

Corporate culture is a culture of success, a culture of struggle, a culture of role models, and a culture of heroes, as well as the character of a company. Its core values are "do things with your heart and make the impossible possible; treat others sincerely and move oneself to move others", "only find ways to succeed, not make excuses for objectivity".

We will certainly encounter many difficulties, many confusions, and high pressures on the way forward. At this time, the corporate culture gives us spiritual strength and motivation to move forward. Asking it to be so clear, only the source of running water comes, and this source of running water is the corporate culture.

Choose a short story to clarify the main reason.

Accumulate good materials and spread good culture.

Refine good practice and enrich good culture.

2. Cultivate the professional habit and professional character of "innovative breakthrough".

Habit determines character, character determines destiny.

Most of you here are or will be professional managers in the future. They are leaders who lead the team to forge ahead with ambitious goals, build a better future, and determine the destiny of enterprises and individuals. Based on the historical summary, all successful people have the character of "innovative breakthrough", and success is not closely related to academic qualifications, experience, and professional titles.

"Innovative breakthrough" is also the most basic characteristic of human society's continuous progress and civilization.

We must consciously develop the professional habit of "innovation and breakthrough", and the habit can be fully cultivated until it becomes a professional character.

When encountering difficulties, pressures or discovering new things, the spontaneous reaction of the subconscious mind is innovation and breakthrough, and it is to feel excited and embrace joy in the depths of the soul!

Those who make innovations and breakthroughs are often expressed as "building momentum" and "following the trend."

No conditions, create conditions,

No resources, integrated resources,

No advantage, create advantage.

With confidence in winning, show a strong aura, change the method without changing the target, aiming at the target is bound to win! Demonstrating the "Three No Spirits" ~ Until the Yellow River, the heart will not die, the south wall will not be turned back, and the goal will not be stopped.

People who make innovations and breakthroughs are by no means reckless people. They can gain insight into the future development trend of society, industry, and enterprises, make arrangements in advance, and follow the trend to achieve a multiplier effect.

Innovation breakthrough is the touchstone of "leadership".

Leading cadres who are uncomfortable with the status quo and break through the status quo must consciously raise their goals and requirements, must be able to inspire and tap the potential of themselves and their team, and will surely lead the team to be the leader forever.

A cadre with leadership must always show good "energy and spirit" and always be full of positive energy. In the depths of his soul, he will never regard difficulties as difficulties, and believe that there are more ways than difficulties! Words and deeds are always positive, confident and optimistic. The problem stops with me, making the impossible possible.

When you develop the professional character of innovation and breakthrough, you become a role model! You are a mentally healthy person.

Of course, we must do a good job of changing the role of "professional me" and "original me". It is necessary to innovate and break through work, but also to enjoy a happy life.

3. Find new opportunities in the crisis, open new games in the changing game.

Remember: when most people think it’s impossible or just like this, there will be new opportunities: when most people are lost, hate uncertainty, and hate unpredictability, there must be new situations waiting for you to open up.

Crisis is in danger!

A change is a change in a game!

Entrepreneurship is: dare to face difficulties and challenges, find opportunities in crises, and make a good start amidst changes.

Determined in difficult times, and ability in difficult times. At this time, the performance has higher gold content and can reflect your value better!

You are not an ordinary person if you do it, you must be a winner, a winner, and a leader.

Time flies so fast. Most of the first quarter has passed. The plan for the year lies in the spring. The first quarter is a critical quarter for a good start and a good start.

I hope that all cadres and employees will seize the day.

Take the first step and see the new weather.

The start is to sprint, the start is a decisive victory.

In February we will usher in the Spring Festival holiday,

We must do the following key tasks:

*On the first day of work after the holiday, a general manager meeting and a construction mobilization meeting will be held.

*To arrange training and learning.

(1) Wang Shenglei shared "How to grow into an excellent marketer" for the marketing line;

(2) Learn the spirit of the speeches of the heads of the top and the heads of the building at the annual commendation meeting of the group company;

(3) Selectively study the speech of the CEO of Jingang Curtain Wall and Wall-Huang New Materials based on the actual situation of the company;

(4) The Comprehensive Management Department should introduce learning and training related to mind maps and system methodology.

(5) Each company and each sector chooses other training and learning content.

*A well-established incentive policy will be implemented in the form of signing a letter of responsibility.

* Actively look for market opportunities, grab urgent orders and "epidemic orders".

* Introduce, recommend and recruit talents. Talents gain performance, talents gain the world.

*While producing during holidays, we must do a good job of safe production and caring for employees.

For the production after the holiday, the eighth day of the eighth day must carry out safety production education and training, and the investigation and elimination of potential safety hazards.

2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. The world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, with opportunities and challenges coexisting.

In his New Year's speech, General Secretary Xi said that we are retrogrades, we are creators, we are witnesses, we are builders, we are contributors, and we are struggling.

Struggle is true happiness, and development is the last word.

We have sounded the clarion call for a new year and a new journey. Let us join hands, work together, work hard, and do a new career and create a new world. We must achieve "seven changes" and "five faces-not proud in the face of achievements, not swayed in the face of temptation, not evaded in the face of difficulties, not left behind in the face of the future, and not discounted in the face of the goal", towards the grand goal Go forward bravely! Our goal will be achieved, and our tomorrow will be better!

New year farewell to the old year. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Ox, I would like to extend my greetings to all cadres, employees and their families, users and supply chain partners, and old and new friends who care about and support us. I wish you a new start in the new year. There are new changes, new patterns, and new gains. I wish you all: good health in mind and body, and arrogance.

CEO Guo Yongzhong

Feb. 6, 2021

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