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Apr 10 , 2021

Dear Friends, you’re welcome to visit our company.

It’s the overview of our whole industrial park, you can see area is huge, and 3 companies were located in, here is the steel structure company, this’s curtain wall company, and this is our color coating aluminum company, all of us belong to Jinggong Holding group. We can supply one-stop service to every customer.


Let us to know more details, This is our employee dormitory, and this is our industrial park gate, this is office building, this’s our dining room.


Let’s visit the first workshop in color coating factory, there’re 2 color coating production lines here, withSpacious and clean environment, this plant can product single color coated metal coils but with wide width request, our max width can reach 2000mm, very few factories can make such wide products in China.


The second workshop is our warehouse for our finished products, The space is wide, no matter how many finished products can be installed here.


This’s The third work shop, the other 2 color coating production lines located here, this plant can make high request prepainted metal coils like one time completed 4 printing with 3 baking this kind double side decorative products, and high thickness coating request products. Those products can be used in high-end building projects.


The fourth and the fifth workshop are joint together, this is our slitting and cutting plant, all narrow coils or sheet products would be finished here, we have 3 slitting machines and 4 cutting machines, all sub-rolling and cross-cutting requirements can be done here, in one word, we have complete and advanced equipment to finish your demand.


Ok, Let us to visit our laboratory room, Quality is the core power of an enterprise, our company treat it very strictly!  The front room is our technical department, and this room is for quality control usage, you can see the whole test instruments were putted on this platform. Our technicians would test every batch raw material, include base metal coil, painting material to make sure the source is qualified, and of course, every finished products specimen would be sent here to do examination, we shall do coating film thickness test, color aberration test, coating glossy test, impact and cupping test, pencil hardness test, T-band test, boiling water test and solvent resistant test, ensure the qualification of our final products.


Finally, let’s visit our showroom, it has modern and beautiful environment, we can enter in through this door, and this area showing the company introduce and appliances of our main products, this area is showing our main partners, include our worldwide famous customers and suppliers, and this area is showing the model of our main products include color coated metal sheet, film laminated metal sheet, aluminum composite panel and solid aluminum sheet, and the inside space is our meeting room, we can have a meeting while checking the samples, which is very convenient.


Welcome to visit our factory, welcome very guest from all over the world, pls remember our location is Lu’an city, Anhui province, China, which’s very near to Shanghai port, convenient for products transport.

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